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Matt Belair

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Quantum Heart

Discover and utilize the most powerful personal development tool in the world to program your mind, overcome limitations and block and create the life of your dreams!

Zen Athlete

Are you committed to achieving your highest potential? Learn the science of peak performance to apply it to your business, sport, and life!


Learn the secrets and tools to achieve your highest potential!

Matt has coached CEO’s, Olympic and Professional Athletes, and everyday people with great success.

Learn the tried and tested strategies to achieving greatness from a state of fulfillment! 


“The holy Grail of Podcasts!”
“Opens your third eye.”
“Simply Mind Blowing!”
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Enlightenment | Demystified

Less Stress | More Happiness

Ancient Teachings | Revealed

Expanding | Consciousness

Discover | Life’s Purpose

Human | Optimization

Finding | GOD


go within. go beyond.

Master the mental game of sport.


Expand your consciousness, explore inner & outer worlds and new dimensions with the most conscious, awakened and high vibrational BEings of service to humanity! Listen to the podcast now!


Happy Clients

Helping You Design Your Dreams both Inner and Outer!

Matt has a unique ability to truly connect with his audience. Whether it be a one-on-one conversation, a podcast, writing or in front of a crowd. His message is apropos and gets straight to the point. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s becoming increasingly more important in today’s world; the ‘inner game’. Professionals and athletes alike can benefit from Matt’s expertise and ‘joie de vivre’

Amy Laprarie

In less than one month of working with Matt from Zen Athlete I was able to land my first front flip on my motorcycle. Not only that I landed the world’s first front flip heelclicker and front flip superman in the same month! It’s a true honor to call to Matt my friend and coach. For anyone that wants to achieve higher levels of performance or success I highly recommend Matt Belair!”

Brodie Carmichael

Pro Freestyle Motocross rider

Matt is a true master!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Matt during an advanced personal psychology retreat and I was blown away with the depth of his knowledge and experience.

Matt has taken his level of training and study beyond the typical coach. He encompasses a holistic approach through his in-depth knowledge of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. He connects empathetically while inspiring you to achieve at higher levels.”

Shane Lapp

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