Craig Hogan is the president and co-founder of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, and co-founder of Seek Reality Online.

He has been a professor of business communications, a staff-

development administrator at a medical school and university, and founder of his own international business writing school.

He has been studying and writing about the life after this life, afterlife

communication, consciousness, and the nature of reality for 35 years.

He is the author of many books including β€œEvidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die”

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Show Notes:

Episode Summary: Universal Principles, Reincarnation, and Near-Death Experiences

The Inner World and Opportunities for Gratitude and Appreciation

– The Monroe Institute of Consciousness experiments on remote viewing and Transcendental Meditation

– Importance of quieting the mind to tap into information from inside and outside

– Training oneself to see opportunities for gratitude and appreciation

Responding to Challenges and Practicing Gratitude

– David Goggin’s second book emphasizes responding to challenges and growth

– Travis Ortmyer’s turnaround through practicing gratitude

– The power of will and embodiment in creating change

Studying Consciousness and the Power of Meditation

– The Global Consciousness Institute is studying consciousness and meditation for peace

– The impact of being the best version of oneself and creating a positive example

Understanding Reincarnation and Near-Death Experiences

– Testimonies of individuals who claim to have lived in the afterlife

– Understanding of reincarnation based on individual’s higher self

– The power of emotional well-being and creating our own realities

– The Maharishi Effect and Near-Death Experiences for learning lessons

– Everyone has a purpose in life; resisting changes can cause problems

Surrendering and Engaging with Life

– Non-resistance and Zen philosophy

– Michael Singer’s book “The Surrender Experiment” on engaging with life experiences


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