The chances are if you’ve been alive for more than a couple of  years than you’ve asked yourself at least one time, “what is the meaning of life?” If you’re like me you’ve asked yourself countless times. After finally finishing the book “The Way of Zen” by Alan Watts I found that his works provide an excellent ideology that answers the question. It was within his literature I gained a deeper understanding that life is nothing more than something that needs to be experienced as fully and completely as possible, utmost awareness of ‘what is’ is essential. When we bring consciousness into the equation, our minds, we begin to compare, judge, condemn, praise and ultimately skew reality and our very existence, which in turn creates suffering. Below are a collection of ideas of what the meaning of life could be, it is of paramount importance that you never mistake another’s thoughts or beliefs as your own, the meaning of life, and any other knowledge you may gain on your journey must be empirical regardless if heard from saint, sage, god, or laymen. The following are in order of what I believe to be the most profound and as one of the wisest people I know in this world once told me “The meaning of life is to love”, thanks Mom!












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