I remember viewing the iconic image of a monk setting himself on fire seen below. I was under the impression this was an isolated incident until two days ago I was speaking with Kunga Gaton a buddhist monk and refugee. He explained that monks are continuing to set themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule.

It is almost unbearable knowledge to learn that over one million of the most peaceful, compassionate, loving and greatest examples of human beings on this planet have been killed from Chinese occupation. The world sits and watches helplessly or probably more tragically ignorantly to the massacre of the tibetan people and it”s culture. The monks have resorted to such drastic forms of suicide in an attempt to wake the world up and plead for help.

In writing these words my eyes swell up continuously, how can this be allowed? How is this even possible in the world today with all we know? It”s injustices like this that remind me we live in a world run by the most evil, sadistic, lowest forms of humans in existence. Nearly 100 monks so far have self immolated themselves in hopes that somehow the world can help free them from their torture. At this very moment some of the purest, most beautiful human beings in the world are being tortured, killed, and squashed like insects. China is the boot and the tibetans are the ants. I can only hope foolishly our world will make a turn and the power will shift from the evil and corrupt to the pure of heart.

A monk by the name of Chophl Gyatsho told me that the job of a monk is to “help bring peace on earth” and “treat everyone with love and compassion no matter what.” You may begin to wonder what allowing these people to be killed and their culture destroyed says about the human race? FREE TIBET!


monk setting himself on fire and burning alive to raise awareness and protest chinese rule.

monk setting himself on fire and burning alive to raise awareness and protest chinese rule.



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