Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting off? Is there something within you that is dying to get out? Maybe a passion deep within, a place to go, a person to talk to, a career or desire? We all know deep within what drives us, motivates us, gets our heart racing and filled with passion. We all deserve a life of fulfillment and it is our CHOICE to chase it or let it die within us. Regret will hurt much more than failure because even if you do fail chasing your dreams something will come from pursuing of your passion, you’ll have set the energy in motion and that’s when the universe will move mountains on your behalf. More importantly you’ll know that YOU took the chance and there is no better feeling. Stop take a few breaths, forget about the day, your to do list, your friends, work, food, TV, FB actually STOP. Take in three deep breaths NOW and calm your mind, then ask, what is it that is calling you? Trust yourself, follow your dreams, you’re more powerful than you know.



May love, compassion, and joy fill your life, Namaste!


– Matt

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