Zen philosophy at it’s essence, no matter how muddled some people manage to make it is about looking at things directly and trying to understand it’s true nature. It is simply a philosophy and ideology that puts you in harmony with truth, deep understanding of self and ultimately understanding of nature and the universe.

We are so hurried everyday and rushed about to accomplish things to achieve an end goal while completely missing the point. The process and practice of Zen concepts teach you to really observe, really connect, to really feel and to ultimately come up with your own conclusions. We live in a fast paced world and most never stop to consider very important questions;

Where am I going?

Why am I rushing?

What am I trying to achieve?

What makes me happy?

Who am I?

What is important to me?

What is important in life?

How do I understand my true nature more?

How do I understand the true nature of the things I observe?


Our realities are so easily distorted by our egos, our consciousness so easily manipulated by external stimulus causing our lives to be forced into autopilot with no clear destination. Begin the process of uncovering your true nature, working in harmony with nature, and cultivating real knowledge and understanding. Each moment you are fully present in mindfulness, you are free, do not look any further than yourself for answers.


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