Science is beginning to catch up with ancient mysticism. In my own experience I never needed to have science prove anything to me, I knew there was something more. I began meditation at an early age and began to meditate for long periods in my early 20’s. This lead me to a transcendental, multidimensional, unexplainable experience. I already knew I was a soul but now I had experienced it directly and this could never be taken from me. Since that experience over 10 years ago I have learned how to walk through my dreams, activate DMT, heal my body and explore other realms. One persons crazy is another persons reality and it’s nice to see science begin to catch up to aid skeptics in a new understanding. Watch these videos for an introduction into your pineal gland and allow your mind to expand. The hardest part is letting go of your mental limitations. I suggest starting with the most ancient and timeless truth of all, just surrender, you don’t know shit 😉


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