“I was taken back to one of my past lives, I saw myself being stretched out, on all fours, on a stone slab. This was happening because I was a philosopher at the time preaching counter culture.” Dr. Joe continued, “they were going to torture me unless I agreed to stop teaching. So I agreed, with the intention that after I was released, I would teach again. When they let me go I never taught again. I moved to a cave and spent the rest of my life in contemplation. I observed this reality and was able to experience it completely, including the pain. Although I was able to remain separate it from it at the same time.”

This was one of the multidimensional/unbelievable stories Dr. Joe Dispenza shared at his advanced workshop in Tacoma Washington. The courage to stand up in front of a bunch of academics and have the audacity to say something like that is nothing short of courageous. For me, this is regular language, I have been there. I have experienced the unexplainable. Most of the time when I’m trying to explain it to my friends or family, I get blank looks or get the classic comment, “You are one crazy bastard Belair.” I have difficulty wrapping my own mind around what happens there, then alone trying to explain it to a room full of Dr.’s, professionals, and Ph.D.’s. What I can tell you for sure is that this place is real. This level of consciousness is real and it can be experienced by anyone, even YOU!

At the seminar I learned many amazing things about my mind, the central nervous system and my chakras or energy systems. Dr. Jeffery Fannin went into detail about how the brain works. I learned about the difference between time-space and space-time, that one’s still a nugget tickler. I learned about vibration, the connection between the mind and the bodies organs and about our magical connection to other worlds through the Pineal gland. I heard first hand accounts of people healing their bodies, when they had tried everything else with no success. The best part by far was the people. I met powerful beings of love, light and generosity. They were earnestly seeking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of themselves. It was a truly beautiful experience and I am grateful for every hug I received and soul I experienced.


Heart Monitor to help with Heart Math Institute Research

Heart Monitor to help with Heart Math Institute Research

I remember attending the progressive workshop and Joe talked briefly about spontaneous healings, multidimensional experiences and more. He kept it mostly science and I was sitting in my seat wanting him to go deeper, thinking to myself, “Why the hell are you holding back? Give me the good stuff!”

You see, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but Joe was trying to bridge the gap from the explainable to the unexplainable, through science. He was trying to give enough information so that people would be willing to suspend disbelief and take the ride as he puts it. Well for those who have had the KNOWING experience through meditation, plant medicine, yogic breathing, or through gifted profound insight you don’t require any convincing. You know it’s real already. I commend Dr. Joe for dedicating himself to trying to prove to the sceptics that they are unlimited and help them break their own self imposed chains. It’s beautiful to witness.

Through his work he has countless case studies of people healing themselves of many illnesses including cancer, cystic fibrosis myalgia, and many more. He has Kundalini experiences on EEG scans with the help of Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, where brain scans go off the charts in measurements mirroring what is normally thought of as a seizure.

Joe is a modern yogi of science. He pours his heart and soul into attempting to liberate his colleagues. I’m sitting there thinking to myself, “this is an old audience.” Some are extremely sceptical and I’m wondering. “If you don’t believe this works, why the hell are you here?” But they came and that’s beautiful. I love all of you!

Now here is the problem, how the hell do you prove the improvable, the unknowable, the unspeakable? How do you show someone a newer higher dimensional reality without experiencing it? That’s usually a task left to mystics, seers, sages and philosophers. Dr. Joe with his tenacity and will, has taken on the world of academia, and I love him for it!

I have been to this 5th dimensional place. A place where you KNOW that anything is possible and that you are a spirit inhabiting a body. With this understanding all things miraculous become possible. I know many other people that have been as well. These people almost always live in peace, in love, joy and service. They are unbelievably humble and grateful to this higher intelligence, god the creator or whatever you’d like. They are connected to spirit.

The ride to the divine is a gift, it cannot be quantified. I enjoyed speaking to people and hearing what they thought about the teachings and the realm they’ve never experienced. In this realm you are humbled, it is an entirely new level of consciousness and I can’t prove to you it’s real. But if you’re willing to do the work, you can have the same understanding. It’s in all of us. In this place if you’re the type that has a strong analytic mind and wants proof, it may present you with an unsolvable problem. Like a rubix cube that is 100 trillion miles long, with squares so small you need a magnifying glass to differentiate between them. Then it says, ok smarty pants, solve it. You’re just sitting there in an unknown realm like, WTF, there’s no way I’m solving that. And this new dimension has just humbled you. In the same way in this 3D reality we know 1+ 1 = 2 and unfortunately, in the 5 D realm this may not be so. It takes structure and throws it on it’s head. For those of us who have been, we say it’s more real than here and it is. In the bible and other spiritual teachings, it talks about the veil. The veil of forgetfulness, of our true nature, our infinite nature. The veil is created by mind. We must go beyond mind to experience the true reality.

As Zen master Dogen explains about his enlightenment, “Body and mind dropped off.”

Yes, I am very well aware this sounds like crazy sauce, and it is. Until you go. When you go, you know, you know, and don’t have to prove it to anyone. However, ask yourself this. How happy are you, really? How free are you? Do you wake up with joy, wonder, passion, fulfillment and awe for life? When you get the gift of this awareness you realize a few things.

  • It’s all unconditional love.
  • You are loved beyond imagination!
  • You create your life, full stop.
  • Take responsibility for everything because you are FREE.
  • This is a dimension of choice.
  • We are all one.
  • Surrender to something greater. You never had control to begin with.

Now here are some common changes after the realization.

  • You want to show yourself more love
  • You want to show others more love and compassion
  • You want a job with a higher purpose a higher meaning
  • You are kinder, more patient, less stressed, more loving and so on.

Having brain mapping done during meditation

The best way to understand this awareness or level of consciousness is the classic story of Plato’s cave. The story goes like this, a group of people who have live their entire lives chained to the wall, facing another blank white wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from things passing in front of a fire behind them, and they begin to give names to these shadows. The shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality. He then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall do not make up reality at all, for he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadows seen by the prisoners. The story continues with one of the prisoners breaking the chains and exiting the cave. Here is where we will begin to draw the comparison.

Let’s say, I am in the cave with you on one side and Dr. Joe on the other. One day I break the chains and I am free. I notice I can help Joe, and break his chains too. Now together we, for the first time in our lives begin to journey outside the cave. Step by step, closer to the light. What is this? We have never seen anything like this. With fear in our bodies and courage in our hearts, we journey into the unknown. We continue one step at a time, until we are outside and place our feet on the grass for the first time. We gaze upon the horizon, what do we see? We have NO IDEA! We see grass, birds, insects, water, bugs, animals, flowers, colours, hills, valleys, unimaginable wonder and glory of creation! How do we feel? Humbled, amazed, shocked in awe, LOVE, beauty, indescribable new vibrations of emotions. All of this beauty and awe we cannot process. Now what? We must liberate others! WE must show them the true reality.

We walk back into the cave, and thank f$#k in this analogy we have a friend to confirm it’s real, because it’s truly unbelievable! We see our friends, our community and we try to explain what we have seen but there are no words. We have no language for what we have experienced. We don’t even know what the hell we just saw. Now Joe and I work tirelessly, we slave, we dedicate our soul, our hearts our everything to your liberation. To breaking the chains, to your freedom. We want nothing in our being, in our essence to free you! In all of our waking moments we live in the glory and amazement of the knowledge of the truth. We work daily to free you from your chains.

John says, “show me with this graph what colour is?” as he stares at his shadow. Tim pipes up, “Nonesense, burn him! They are telling lies, this is not real, only my shadows are real, look at them they are right in front of me.” You cannot prove to me this unspeakable world. They sit and do not help us break their chains, but we continue to chip away. Finally, YOU, in the cave decide. I want to see, I believe, I trust I want to go with you. Joe and I come over, everyday and we work together. We begin breaking the chains, we work, we love you, we are trying and one day. We do it. Together, but the combination to your liberation is your own puzzle and you’ve solved it. We’ve given you the map but you’ve put in the work. You’ve liberated yourself. The shackles, fall, they clink on the ground. You feel the cold floor, you see the blank wall and your shadows that are your reality. You see the others chained, and you begin to step. They watch you go. Criticising, mocking and scaring you. However, on your own volition and courage you have chosen to, step by step exit the cave. You begin to see light, new emotions rage through you body. With your courage stronger than your fear you continue stepping until you get to the exit of the cave and you stand in the glory of the new world in the light. A new reality, a new consciousness. You cannot believe it. You cannot fathom or process what you are experiencing, but you KNOW it is real. You can FEEL it. You begin to experience this new place, with unimaginable wonder, joy, you cry, you laugh, you surrender. You had no idea. It was bigger, grander and more beautiful than you could have ever imagined! Now what? You know what, it’s the only thing you could ever do with information like this. You venture back into the darkness, illusion, Maya, the veil the shadows and you dedicate yourself to the others still in the cave. You love them. The beautiful reality is there are no chains. They are illusionary and created by the mind. Only you have the power to liberate yourself and walk out of the cave and you can do it whenever you want!

If we see the average person living in Maya or illusion what are their chains? In short it is their identity. I have my job, you have no science, prove outside the cave exists and it is your mental scepticism that prevents you. It is your disbelief. Scepticism, analysis, and pragmatism are all useful tools, however there is an intelligence that transcends them and if you’re holding on to what you know about reality, which in the grand scheme is heroically miniscule. If you continue to hold onto your known quantifiable shadows you cannot find your liberation, freedom and enlightenment. There is no proof other than stepping outside the cave and having a look for yourself.

Time goes by and slowly but surely another liberates themselves. They have broken away from the norm. They now follow their hearts, and they have no idea how they are going to do it. They operate on a new level of consciousness and faith. You see a change. Not in outer material existence but of energy, of certainty, a glow in their eyes and a beaming of their hearts. You can feel it but you don’t understand it. So what’s holding you back? It is your attachment to the shadow. The attachment to the known and familiar. It is the fear. You must become your own liberator.

The problem is that life is stressful. We have all of these things to worry about. The second we wake up we are on the go and have no time for life, reflection, joy, pleasure, awareness and wonder, “I’m too busy for that shit.” You’re saying to yourself. Of course you are. The system is designed as a distraction, a beautiful elaborate distraction. The size, scope and cunning of the world social distraction is truly a work of genius. So when you decide to wake up, walk outside you’re the weirdo. But god damn if feels good, we’re weird because we go against the norm. We don’t want to sign up for this elaborate game. As Alan watts puts it; we sit on the mountain top and we watch you rush around from place to place, with your important things you must stress about, day after day. And we watch with love and compassion. We just don’t want to play.

Ok so you’re thinking, who is this guy. Well Dr. Joe isn’t teaching anything new but the added science is. He’s actually teaching ancient techniques that have been around for thousands of years. You can do yogic breathing, drink plant medicine Ayahuasca or Ibogaine, which I call consciousness medicines, or possibly spirit will gift you with your awakening though a dream or random experience. I have witnessed multiple people wake up to this new reality in all of those ways. Once you see what’s outside the cave there’s no going back.

Beautiful Gift from Dr. Joe!

Beautiful Gift from Dr. Joe!

In the Cave VS Outside the Cave Thinking

The analytical mind is powerful and can be useful. However, a person needs to see outside the cave as well to understand and break limiting beliefs to go quantum. I am not interested in the problems inside the cave, the businesses, stresses relationships, thoughts of the shadow, that’s 3D. We’re outside now it’s a 5th dimensional consciousness here. Now let’s look at this using our trusty cave analogy. You’re a smart cookie, you’re in the cave and you’re responsible for providing the community with water. You’ve rigged up some amazing device that funnels, condensation and bottles the water and we all have enough to drink. Thank you so much you smart SOB, we appreciate that water!

Now let’s go quantum. If you realize that you could go outside and walk to the stream and simply fill a larger container with water and bring it back you’ve now gone quantum. However, you won’t stop there, you’ll have a new world to explore. That’s why things are popping up and changing so quickly, people are waking to these new possibilities. Our minds our only bound by our own self imposed limitations. We are literally living in two different realities. It’s as simple as “I wake up everyday and do what I want, when I want, how I want” or you wake up and do this (X) because (insert story here). It’s a choice and there is more than enough abundance for all. It’s more of a process of letting go than acquisition.

Now let’s think about the guy in the cave responsible for spirituality and connection with God or Spirit. He says, follow the book of the cave and these steps, and love your chains, and if you don’t try and break them when your life is finally over you’ll re-emerge outside!

The 5th dimensional spiritual leader knows liberation is HERE NOW! If only you’re willing to walk outside! Your chains are a product of your thinking. The guru leads you outside and holds your hand, he just assisted you. You never needed him for anything. Once you’re outside you experience an entirely new reality and it’s YOUR CONNECTION to divine, spirit and GOD!

To visit this realm, you have a few options

  1. Consistent meditation (Long time)
  2. Joe Chakra Meditations (Medium/Long)
  3. Yogic Breathing, google Ananada Girl (shorter)
  4. Ayahuasca (quick)
  5. DMT (quicker)
  6. Other plant medicines. If you call these drugs, you obviously haven’t experienced them. Don’t be scared, liberate yourself 😉

In summary this experience was a journey within, it was a confirmation of the infinite power that is within me. It was an experience with a group of people who want to push the boundaries of possibility. Thank you to Dr. Joe, all of his team and all of the participants. BIG BIG LOVE!


“It all depends on you. You can go on sleeping forever, you can wake up right this moment.”

– Osho




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