In this brief video by Alan Watts about the real you it contains more truth than I can express and mystery in it’s simplicity for those who are in the process of waking up or enlightenment. The main principle of this brief video is realizing that you are one with all things and that you are at the same time the centre of the universe in your experience and you hold real and infinite power. Consciousness and the human experience is simply a learning process in which we forget our true power and connectedness and our purpose is to find it again or put even more simply to be alive, to grow, to work in accordance with everything, naturally as a tree grows. Observe the silence, observe your feelings, this understanding can never be realized with the conscious mind thinking it’s way there, so you must begin to let go of who you are, rather who you “think” you are. You must let go totally, completely, and absolutely and in doing so you will discover the real you. You are everything, you are the creator, be kind to yourself and embrace your right to freedom of mind, body, and soul.

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