The great teacher and poet Rumi once said, “If Light is in your heart, you’ll find your way home.” This simple, powerful and timeless quote contains great wisdom if one chooses to reflect on the words. So often our daily lives have us running about anxious, scared and depressed. The good times can see us full of laughter, joy and excitement but, which of these places are home?

Rumi is not referring to your house, the kingdom of heaven or a particular place in space and time. He is referring to the infinite, the source, nature, god your true self. In the absence of fear there is only love and fear is an illusion. Love is light and when you connect with your true, innermost self you can feel it and touch it. The infinite contained in the stillness and silence of the monkey mind. Most of us don’t visit often because we’re too caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life but it’s always there, waiting with the door open. We simply choose to walk through or not.

Whenever you feel like you want to go home, to a place of peace, love, freedom and tranquility STOP and take three deep breaths. Focus completely and totally on your breathing and if you can, continue this breathing. When you disconnect from your anxious fearful mind, you will find yourself back home!

With love,

– Matt



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