So you want superhuman strength and to double your deadlift? Although you might not quite double your deadlift as I did you’ll be guaranteed to see a dramatic increase with this routine. As a martial artist, snowboarder and skateboarder I rarely touched weights until I came across a guy named Pavel Tsatsouline who is a straight up boss when it comes to strength training. Following his protocol I went from deadlifting 225 lbs to 415 lbs in just 3.5 months!

If you are an athlete like myself and don’t want your training to effect your sport and if strength and weight training is your secondary focus this protocol is for you.

The entire program consists of 3 Sets of 3 Deadlift every second day, it’s that simple. I added 3 sets of 5 bench press and 100 kettlebell swings to my workout but that’s the down and dirty version. This program allowed me to skate everyday without feeling fatigued. I highly recommend adding kettlebell swings to your training but be careful not to completely tire yourself out as you won’t have enough in the bank leftover for your sport. Pavel constantly states that people overtrain and it’s super important to always leave room in the bank and you’ll experience more gains. I certainly can attest to this as I lifted 3×3 of 85% of my max and increased weight as necessary.

I recently changed my training to build up other areas using a similar simple training protocol and hit my new PR of 465 lbs on the deadlift at 177 lbs. Pavel is the man when it comes to this stuff and if you want to learn more hit him up at His website was down for some reason when I just checked however you can learn more about him from Tim Ferriss at


Here’s a video link of me hitting my new PR 463 lbs. I will now be changing my training to focus more on flexibility, calisthenics, however I will do deadlifts once per week to keep the strength.


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