Terence Mckenna was a philosopher, author, lecturer and possibly most notably recognized as a psychonaut. He spoke on a variety of subjects including consciousness, culture, language, metaphysics and more. He was able to fuse the metaphysical with the scientific as few can. Terence had some underlying themes in his lectures and I am going to share the three most important messages he was trying to share with YOU and all of mankind.


1. Reclaim Your Mind, Reclaim Your Life

Almost all of his lectures at one point or another will relate back to your consciousness, life and mind. He was adamant about the harmful effects of social conditioning and how they can turn people int zombies without even knowing it. He was a Zen master in his own right constantly talking about direct experience and shaping your reality. The epidemic of a culture of distraction and brainwash is only getting worse by the day with social media now working hand in hand with TV and traditional media. In a world were we are supposed to be connected we are more isolated than ever. You must begin to turn off the external and tune in to the internal, it is in this place you’ll discover the real you, experience the infinite,  reclaim your mind and reclaim your life.


2. The Social, Cultural, Planetary Epidemic

The world is not perfect we know that, however Terence was very well aware that it is a system of design and that we are socially conditioned in incredibly powerful ways to maintain a course of utter insanity that destroys minds and the earth. Having studied persuasion, influence, marketing, hypnosis and more I can only agree with Terence knowing how incredibly powerful good social conditioning and “brain wash” can be. The time is now for us to change our social paradigm, our forms of control, education and governing bodies, we must think of a new system to thrive as a species.


3. Change Yourself Change the World

The problems humanity faces are extreme to be put lightly but Terence like many illuminated speakers was able to stress the importance that you are infinitely powerful and you truly have the power to change the world, your world. Although the planet and millions of others are in need of care there is nothing more powerful than changing yourself. When you make a shift from within and connect to your inner silence, spirit, or divine nature this vibrational shift ripples throughout the universe raising the consciousness of everyone. As you shift others will see it and more importantly feel it as the effect with go further than you know. We each come into this world and exit alone, this journey is your own and it’s up to you to make it count, to connect with your inner knowing, to find passion, to live life.


The point isn’t whether you agree with Terence’s thoughts or my views on any matter. The ultimate point as it’s always been is you to discover them for yourself, within yourself. The Zen master when asked “how do I reach enlightenment” is then swiftly hit by the Zen master to shake him from his illusion and bring him back to direct insight, to seeing things as they are, to exit the conscious mind and come back to reality, to what IS. To connect with yourself at any moment one simply needs to come back to the present moment and fully BE.


“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”
– Terence McKenna


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