“You yourself are the teacher, and the pupil, you’re the master, you’re the guru, you are the leader, you are everything! And, to understand is to transform what is.” ~ #Krishnamurti
It is always easier to look outside ourselves for answers than it is to look within. If we take advice from another we can blame them if it doesn’t work out, we have a scapegoat to avoid our own responsibility. If we can make a firm resolve to look within for answers, direction, counsel, and peace we can begin to steer our lives.

I am writing this day after deep sadness, wondering why after all that I’ve learned I have once again failed. I have to look within to look honestly and ruthlessly at my shortcomings and distortions and find an answer. This can be a painful and uncomfortable process. Without humility, compassion and the vulnerability to be weak one does not acquire real strength and growth in the same way the will of a warrior is only tested in battle.

It is easy to be strong when we feel good. Strength and compassion are harder when the chips are down and this is when your true character is revealed. Always depend on yourself first for guidance, the answers and knowing will come and then you must ACT. If you move about your days with Love, compassion and integrity when you do fall. Family will come. 🔮

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