Neville Raymond is a researcher and author of 3 books including the Genesis of Genocide. In this discussion Neville discusses the collective psyche of humanity and how we must overcome the “doomsday imprint” in order to achieve planetary peace.

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Show Notes:

Neville Raymond was born in Calcutta, India, as part of an established community of Indian Jews. He relocated to Los Angeles as a teenager. With a degree in English from UCLA, he pursued graduate studies in the history of ideas and the history of religions.

He has spent thousands of hours in the clinical trenches, developing the principles and practices of co-healing and laying the foundations of a Reparenting Movement, through his trio of books – The Genesis of Genocide, The Reparenting Revolution and The Reparenting Blueprint.

The greatest Greek philosopher you’ve never heard of

Why we have to connect gain clarity with the beginning

Looking at humanities history of violence, rape, injustice

Humanities examples, rituals, customs, of abuse and crimes against humanity

Bounding violence and the sacred

Trauma’s of the collecgive psyche

Iriguay crash landing in the Andes

Catastrophic events by nature

“Mayday” morality

The doomsday imprint

The practice and metaphor of cannibalism

Horrific rituals and conditions manifested from the doomsday imprint

Toxic pedagogy

The danger of identifying with God’s

War as channeling the vengeance of gods

Why we accept war as a part of the human condition

The dominant values of humanity

How the ruling class believed they were messengers or descendants of Gods’

Why we don’t need violent revolutions to change the world

#1 important task of humanity is freeing itself from a doomsday imprint

Reparenting and the birth right of unconditional love

The book of Job

The divide and conquer

Dividing the person from themselves

Why you don’t need a broker to God/Creator

Standing up for someone else

Why confronting authority is too destabilizing

The root cause of fear is being ostracized from the group

Cognitive dissonance

How this is so polarizing

Why you cannot say anything

Pitting us against each other against each other using altruism

The unprecedented censorship

The anti-vax movement

The danger of the swab

Going beyond politics



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