Thomas Campbell is a physicist who has been studying consciousness for more than 30 years. He also has the ability to travel out of body on command and experience multiple realities, simultaneously. His years of research has led him to believe that we are living in a simulation. Put in another way we are in a highly advanced universal virtual reality. In this show Tom presents his theory and many other topics in a very easy to follow and compelling way. Here are some topics we discuss;

– Tom’s extraordinary background in science, physics and consciousness research
– What is consciousness?
– What is reality?
– What happens when we die?
– Out of body experiences
– Why Tom believes we are living in a simulation or virtual reality
– Remote viewing
– Survival systems of consciousness and the process of entropy
– How to go out of body
– What is the purpose and meaning of life?
– Why we must let go of fear and ego
– Tom’s thoughts on the evolution of consciousness &
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