Human history is not exactly bright, shiny, and perfect. Humans, however are compassionate, kind, and for the most part good.
Why is it then we have a history of war and atrocities?
Why is it that we have a planet that allows 9.1 million of us each year die and have well over 200 million in human trafficking conditions?
In researching these questions in varying degrees of intensity for over 15 years it’s easy to feel helpless.
Most people are fine to go about their day to day and focus on what they need to accomplish. That may be the best route to take. It’s certainly less stressful.
If these things are happening on the planet and the general public is unaware and doesn’t take those people into consideration, it’s hard to understand how change would be possibly much less inevitable.
Over the last 4 months I’ve spent most night and day researching as much as possibly about the pandemic in all areas and on both sides.
I’ve learned a great deal, spoken with many experts, had many debates and have one point of view based on the information received and the quality of arguments given on each topic.
The information down the rabbit hole as you see a bigger picture constantly seems more oppressive and there is a plan laid out on many public websites and is easy verified for anyone who has access to the internet.
This has become so draining and I feel the same way as when I learned about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China and the extent of the human trafficking working with the Committee to Support the ITNJ.
People are capable of extraordinary things. We are capable of historic things when we work together. How can we accomplish this when we have been divided so effectively?
How can we move forward as a global humanity?
What systems need to change?
What beliefs need to change?
What problems are most pressing we need to look at as a collective and solve?
What organizations, solutions, systems, or projects exist now that are causing a positive ripple on earth?
What organizations, systems, corporations are not life affirming and need to be transmuted and upgraded?
If we identify the problems we can work toward a solutions. When our leaders appoint those solutions and we don’t all agree it can cause problems.
When leaders, systems, and organizations are corrupted by money and don’t have people’s best interests at heart we can run into problems because most people will trust them or the leaders simply follows the agenda regardless.
How do we keep organizations, governments, news, oligarchs, and corporate mega powers accountable when their decisions that impact all of our lives?
The lies, manipulation, confusion, anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, are everywhere.
Some have chosen to stay out of the conversation, some have chosen to believe the surface of what they are being told, some are diving deep and trying to get to the bottom of what is going on.
We have all chosen different ways to deal with something the human species has never experienced.
How do we respond to this as a global community in a positive and transformative way?
What solutions have you considered or have seen?
In the midst of the chaos the only thing I know I can control is my intention. To pray daily to be of service, to see clearly, to be compassionate and kind.
To ask for courage to be guided toward the truth and have the willingness to learn, adapt, listen to other points of view and be open to changing my mind and ways of being.
It’s interesting to know that on both sides of war people believe they are acting virtuously.
What is real virtue and where does that knowing come from?
Universal, life, God, or Cosmic virtue is compassionate, kind, peaceful, forgiving, and co-operative.
How can an individual choose those energies if they are the ones being persecuted?
Socrates said,
“To know, is to know you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.”
We can know our intentions. We do know intuitively and consciously the difference between right and wrong. We do have a sense when we are being manipulated.
Can we work commit to solutions that do not oppress or control our fellow man? Can we find solutions that create liberty, opportunity, freedom and growth for all people?
We can find solutions for our families, friends, and communities first. Then we must think of our global family and extend our compassion.
It is up to the collective to decide to rid our world of the atrocities that exist. The first step is awareness, then we must make the decision to transmute those systems into harmony and balance.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Let’s put some collective energy here. We all have a piece of the answer.
Utopia in Chaos City of the Future
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