Emily Gerde, husband, infant son, 4 cats and dog all live in a tiny home. This radical change in lifestyle came after Emily become sick and had an awakening experience. She then went on to educate herself on food, alternative healing, energy work, spirituality and minimalist living. She moved out of her big house that required two jobs to maintain and moved into a tiny home and hasn’t looked back. Here are some things we discuss:

– Why Emily and her family moved from a big house into a tiny home
– How she got sick, had an awakening experience and got healthy again
– RV’s vs Tiny Homes
– The question of privacy trueblue casino review
– The importance of getting clear on your values
– The benefits and challenges of living in a tiny home
– The cost of a tiny home and the logistics
– The positive environmental impact
– Tips on being an effective minimalist

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