Jesh de Rox the founder of Kindred meditation, expert on consciousness and renowned artist Rassouli speak on consciousness, fear, and universal awareness.

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Show Notes:

Jesh de rox is the founder of Kindred a modern form of meditation that allows participants to regulate their emotions and learn to create specific feelings such as peace, joy and even glory.

He is a speaker on consciousness, the formation of culture and creative genius who has spoken in over 35 countries.

Our Second guest Rasoulli is a visionary artist, published author and creative guru whose painting are featured throughout the world. He also guides retreats and shares his approach to creativity in talks, radio, tv and films.

Together they are the hosts of the Wisdom of madness podcast.

Welcome to the show Jesh de Rox and Rassouli

The Sufi word Sohbat

The ingredients of life – to be free, to love, to surrender to the energy of the universe

The true meaning of surrender

How to be in positive states more often

Understanding our body generates the states of Being

Thinking of feelings as body parts

Why we attach our feelings to external experiences

Feeling is its own language

Replacing thought and emotion

How to deal with insomnia and why you’re not sleeping

The table tennis master of choking

Practice as if your life depends on it

Form and flow or thought and feeling

How to have more joy

The story of T.M Hoy and the tribesman

Viktor Frankl : “The last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

The importance of developing a rhythm

Why having less freedom may actually give you more freedom

Sufi Training: When you say “I” think about who are you representing? Do this for one month

Why we accept other’s ideas and agree to them

Our human greatness relies on co-operation

Why outliers risk social desk and historically possibly physical death

Why pain is the signal to shift from the “group think” agreement to  the mode of individual creativity

The power to respond to pain creatively

Meditation is pouring intention inside

The source of the world is within. The source of everything is within.

Why pain is a gift

Why pain is a wakeup call

Understanding and overcoming fear

Training yourself to live in the beauty, love, joy and glory of the present moment

How people have given our brains to fear and to our culture and why we need to plan for ourselves

Why ignorance is the cause of fear

Changing an enemy into a friend

Fear is in the reptilian brain – fight, flight, freeze – all these responses try and make it go away. Freeze is the most common because it pretends it doesn’t exist

How to befriend your fears

Meditation is to build your awareness to override unconscious programs

Moving toward what you are terrified of

Dream is life

True poverty is not having a dream


Rassouli giving our minds away

Knowledge without application is meaningless

Knowledge applied creates wisdom

We breakthrough our limitations through madness not through logic

Our culture is the cocoon of our slavery to becoming a butterfly

Using our gifts to be of service to culture or your dreams

Today choose who you will serve – the past, fears or your dreams and mysteries

Change your life to be a masterpiece and work of art


May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life! Namaste 🙏

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