Now, when you endeavour onto a psychedelic journey it does come with a warning, and most advise to experiment with caution. As an explorer of the mind and altered consciousness, I have been wanting to explore the world of LSD for sometime and at the young age of 31 I was ready. The problem with most people doing psychedelics is that they don’t respect them, do them to fix a problem they have, do them in poor environments or are stressed out. This is the cause of many bad experiences, however this is a topic for another day. I am for people making their own choices and taking responsibility for them period. I want this story to be as truthful an account as I can remember. This is a story about a freakin’ UFO!

As an experiencer of Ayahuasca and a born again shaman, I was ready to explore the world of LSD in a beautiful remote cabin in the wilderness of the Mt. Baker Washington area. This place is magical surrounded by mountains, massive river, and brilliant dense forest. I couldn’t imagine a more ideal place for my first exploration. I have experienced mushrooms before and had an idea of the effects. I was honestly a bit nervous and hesitant to give it a try because of all the fear and propaganda that’s shoved down your throat, but I wanted to have the experience anyway. After all I have heard more positive first hand accounts about LSD than negative. I have also heard that many great people have experimented as well such as Steve Jobs, Francis Crick, and countless musicians and artists. Yes, some people die, but more people die from alcohol than all other drugs combined. Once again, the positive stories come from people with sound minds. I wanted to explore without fear and have the courage to explore a different awareness and my psyche. Used responsibly I have had profound insights on mushrooms and Ayahuasca. I was ready, this was my personal choice, not advocating or condemning. Make your own damn decisions and take responsibility for them! Now on with the story.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon and I took the plunge. I walked from the cabin down a beautiful forested path, the smell and density of the forest immersed me quickly. I made my way down to a large river in between the mountains. I was completely secluded. The path was lined with heavy forest and I had to navigate through tight quarters before it opened up onto a spectacular glacier fed river. I was completely alone, there was no one within shouting distance and I was completely absorbed into the environment. I made my place on a large boulder directly on the rivers edge. The sky was clear, with a few soft clouds and the sun was warm and bright.

An hour and a half later I began to notice my perception change slightly. I began to feel slightly euphoric and at peace. I became more at one with nature. I knew the effects were kicking in. The water was frigid cold as the river was glacier feed. The sun continued to beat down on my body and felt the urge to brave the glacial waters. The iceman Wim Hof came to mind, and so did all of my other research on super humans all at once. I was downloaded with a deeper clarity of the human capacity. I sat in awe of my heightened understanding of how truly amazing human beings are. In Zen they call this levels of knowing. After I revelled in new, ideas and deeper understanding I wanted to experience the water. I slowly began to submerge myself in an eddy as there was a strong current. Remember I’m on Acid, all by my damn self in a strong river, so extra caution was probably a good idea. As I submerged my entire body, I felt the energy of the river and the water rushing through me. I focused on become one with the river, nature and all things. With my meditation practice and heightened state of awareness the feeling of being submerged was truly profound. I continued to enjoy the water for some time before getting out and moving onto the rock that was now radiating heat from the sun. I began to notice the thick trees lining the other side of the river and saw birds flying in and out of the treeline continuously. The trees swayed as a group, organically and naturally with the help of the wind. I observed nature’s beauty until the sun started to go down. There was nowhere else I needed to go, and nothing I needed to do. I enjoyed my state of awareness, the sun, and being in nature so completely and deeply. As the sun began to set I noticed the rock remained warm for me to heat my body. I pondered once again the relationship of all things and how nature works beautifully and harmoniously to provide for everything, without effort.

The sun was setting and the effects were diminishing. I decided to go for a walk down the river to explore other areas. I made my way onto a rocky beach and walked around, threw some rocks and enjoyed the environment. The sun was now set and I looked at the sky changing colours. In doing so I observed what I believed to be a star. It was  an odd star because it was only about 8PM and the night sky was far from out. It was the only one in the sky and I thought it was quite peculiar. I decided to snap a few photos of this rogue star before letting it go from my mind and headed back up to the cabin.

When I arrived back, I decided to enjoy a fire that I had previously prepared. As the fire burned I sat contently, watching the wood burn, while enjoying some pasta. The effects of the experience had almost completely dissipated as it was now around 11PM and the effects are traditionally between 6-8 hours give or take. As the fire died down, I decided to walk down to the river to enjoy the brilliant and clear night sky. The path was pitch black at night, I ensured I had a backup flashlight as I made the 10-minute walk down the forested trail. I made it to my trusty rock where I had spent the day thinking about life, the universe, existence and random rabbit holes in an altered state.

I made myself comfortable on the rock, which was still warm from absorbing the heat of the sun and viewed the expansive night sky. The sky was crystal clear and the stars were bright, it was a great evening for stargazing. I began looking in the direction of the rogue star from earlier and noticed it once again. The star caught my attention, I felt like the colour looked a little bit different. I continued to stare at it for about 5 minutes wondering what it could be, the north star, a planet, something made it unique. Then I let it go and looked up at the rest of the sky and relaxed.

A few minutes later something caught my eye. I noticed a light/star moving across the sky. I realized instantly it was the star/light I had been observing because it was no longer there and moving from right to left across the skyline. I continued to observe this anomaly still having no clue about what it was. It continued to move to the left until it had completely crossed the large mountain river and made it to the opposite treeline a long way in the distance. Then it changed trajectories and started to move towards me. At this point I was thinking “what the fuck is this?” as you can clearly hear in the video. That’s when I grabbed my IPhone hoping it would capture the light as it moved closer. It now had a red flashing light as well, which made me think drone or something. Closer and closer the orb came and more and more I was confused. To my eye it moved seamlessly just above the treeline but to the camera we can later see it looks like it’s jumping all over the damn place and I noticed this when I looked at my phone to see if it was capturing what I was looking at. Closer and closer it came and I began to realize it was not emitting light. It was kind of absorbing light, it looked like a hole in the sky. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It continued closer until it was 100 feet across on the other side of the river and 100 feet in the air. At this point in time I thought “Fuck me!” If there is ever a scenario where a person would get abducted by a UFO this would be it. At this point because I was now thinking inter-galactically, multi-dimensionally, my years of hippie training kicked in. I cloaked myself in radiant white light while repeating “love and light, love and light,” as this is used as protection against all other entities you may not understand. I was scared shitless. The only other time I have been this afraid was the time I talked down a crazy Cambodian dude with a machete. I don’t care if you dissect the video and say it’s a drone. I’m fine with whatever it could be but seeing it move in person up close is nothing like the video represents. It looked like a whole in the fabric of the night’s sky.

The orb continued to go right passed me and I watched it until it disappeared over the mountain range. Shaken up by the event I was a bit frozen, confused, bewildered and thought I should head up to the cabin and get the FUCK out of there. As I began to walk up to the cabin I got a bit lost, it was extremely dark and I made a wrong turn. I began to think, “Shit, was I abducted and I’m all disoriented?? Then I thought, “No, way, I’m the infinite being nothing messes with me.” I hoped anyway.

As I arrived back at the cabin I looked at the footage on the phone and it was strange as hell. The light moved instantly and sporadically from one spot to another but to my eyes it just moved in one very slow straight line. I was freakin’ out, what the hell was that? Then I had a choice. Do I grab my other camera a Canon S100, a flashlight and a blanket to see if it comes back and I can confirm whatever it was? Or do I hide in the cabin and hope it doesn’t find me? After mustering up literally every ounce of courage I could.  I grabbed some supplies and made the 10-minute trek back down the pitch black, dense forested trail to the rock all the while being absolutely terrified and thinking to myself, “This is seriously the dumbest thing I have ever done.”

I settled back in, with guard up, playing in mind how I would kick and aliens ass with my MMA skills. Yeah right dummy. I began surveying the night sky. As I looked up I couldn’t’ see anything strange so began to relax just a little. Ten minutes went by before I noticed something above my head again and slightly to my right. The orb had come back and now it was buzzing the other side of the treeline. I didn’t notice it when it was directly above me because I was looking the wrong way. I quickly grabbed my other camera and began filming. It continued down the treeline slowly and steadily until parking itself in the same spot in the sky where I had originally spotted it. I grabbed my camera and continued to film on two different cameras and as I kept filming the object bounced within the frame all over the place. To my eye it kind of looked like a bee just slightly buzzing. I kept an eye on the orb for hours filming at different times but it never moved places again. I would look at the night sky trying to find others and I saw more shooting stars, stars moving across the sky, and more strangeness than ever before. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, the LSD. I also know if I didn’t have this footage on camera no one would believe me at all. Even when you see the footage, most people will say, drone, some nonsense, which makes me realize the experience was just for me and I offer to you as an observation. If someone can identify whatever this is I’m totally fine with that. Whatever it was in real life, up close, was strange as hell. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen!

I continued to observe the orb the entire night until the sun began to rise. I forced myself to stay awake unknowing if I’d ever see anything like it again. As the stars began to fade it was the last light in the sky. Finally, rather than just disappearing it began to move to the right one last time and vanished in the distance.

I present this story as an experience with an unidentified flying object.  If anyone can identify it with certainty, please let me know. Since then I’ve been able to spot others and the only way I can tell if it’s something strange or a star is to film it. Stars do not move the same way. My other footage isn’t as good but I’ve spotted the same phenomenon in Victoria, BC Canada and Morzine France. Stargazers or astronomers  feel free to put my mystery to rest, hope you enjoyed the story J


Here is my footage


Here are some documentaries and resources to look at. In my opinion weather this was sighting or not disclosure is coming soon. Alien life and other intelligence does exist. If you take some time to do some research you’ll most likely come to the same conclusion.




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