Marc Champagne is the host of the KYŌ conversations podcast and co-founder of KYÕ journaling app.

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Show Notes:

After reflecting on the question, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Today’s guest decided to leave a 10-year corporate career behind with a baby on the way to launch an app and podcast helping people level up their Mental Fitness.

He hosts the [Key-Oh] Conversations Podcast and co-founded KYŌ, which in combination reached over 75M people in the first year.

He has interviewed over 100 top performers across various industries to share the Mental Fitness practices keeping their minds performing at the highest level.
He is also leading new projects with the team from humans to help push health and happiness forward!

The point when mindfulness entered Marc’s life
Innercise by John Azerith book
Why journaling is helpful?
Why he reviews his goals and intentions yearly
Why you need to ask high-quality questions to help navigate your life
Asking the same question from different angles
The question from Jamie Wheel “What in me needs to die so I can move forward?”
Releasing what no longer serves you but celebrating success
PhD Fridays every week – What did I learn this week? What was awesome about this week?
Stopping autopilot and re-setting
Beware of short term thinking when following your dreams
Why you should Just keep trying
Mental Fitness on par with physical fitness
The looping narratives we have in our mind
Techniques for releasing stress and anxiety and fear
Understanding What is within your control?
Is it possible to eliminate stress
The Astronaut Chris Hadfield example of stress
Guatemala gun story
Building blocks along the way
The art of surrender


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