Grace Smith is a pioneer in the hypnotherapy field and author of the book “Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind in 12 Weeks to Eat Healthy, Feel Great, and Love Your Body with the Groundbreaking Power of Hypnosis”

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Grace Smith is on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream. A pioneer in the Hypnotherapy field, her private clients including Fortune 500 CEOs, A-list celebrities, Olympic athletes, and government officials.

She is founder of the world’s #1 provider of hypnosis education, products, and services, Grace Space Hypnosis and Grace Space Hypnotherapy School.

She is the author of two Amazon bestselling books and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, InStyle, and many more.

She is a regular guest on CBS’s hit show, “The Doctors” and is a highly sought after speaker.

Her newest book “Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind in 12 Weeks to Eat Healthy, Feel Great, and Love Your Body with the Groundbreaking Power of Hypnosis” will be released in April

Welcome back to the show Grace Smith

Hypnosis is about de-hypnotizing

Why we are born perfect

Getting back to your true essence

Weight loss is a spiritual journey

If you can’t get out of a depression what you can work

Understanding a pattern interrupt

Understanding kids to pick up what we do

Why it’s important to love yourself in the process

Why weight loss is the most common request in hypnosis

Understanding why we do emotional eating

Why foods are addictive

Why stress is a natural inhibitor for fat loss

What Grace would say to a person who thinks hypnosis doesn’t work

Understanding how hypnosis

The science of brainwaves and what they do

Thomas Edison used hypnosis everyday

The Kingdom of heaven is within

This is you accessing your birthright as a creator Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza

Walk me through some of the chapters in the book – walk a person thorugh the process

Harvard Medical Study: Bones healing 40% faster using hypnotherapy

Stanford Study: Women with breast cancer had 50% less pain. 10 year follow up the women that had hypnotherapy had twice the survival rate

600 Sessions of psychotherapy of 38% improvement 6 sessions in hypnotherapy to see 90%

The 12 Week Process

Meal Prepping

Chewing your food and eating 90%

Limiting beliefs

Teachings you to eat intuitively

Training yourself to crave exercise – 20 minutes to release endorphins

Emotional eating

Eating when bored

Upgrade how you reward yourself

The People and Places that trigger you

Putting the law of attraction to work

How to cope with unwanted attention

Overcoming the fear of success

Self Love

The fascinating new research of Alzheimer’s

The amazing habit of learning

Stress levels of 8 or 9 course

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