The most powerful health hack that is virtually unknown according to Dr. Que Collins is knowing your bodies deuterium levels.

Using low deuterium water and understanding how to keep you levels low patients have had great success healing cancer and other serious diseases and could help people live natural and healthy lives to 150 years old!

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Dr. Que Collins is the Co-Founder and Principal Investigator for the Center for Deuterium Depletion – the first clinic in the world to use deuterium and tracer technologies to describe and follow athletic performance as well as the health status of patients with metabolic disorders such as cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

He is the Former Principal Investigator of Epigenix Foundation – this not-for-profit organization created by the founders of Quest Nutrition promotes research to prevent and ameliorate disease, maximize quality of life and improve personal performance.

He is the Co-Founder and Former Principal Investigator of the Ketopet Sanctuary – a 53-acre ranch outside Austin, Texas that uses the ketogenic diet and other metabolic therapies with and without standard of care to treat dogs with naturally occurring cancer

Dr. Que’s background

Working with Cancer patients

The importance of Gut Health


Deuterium explained

Optimizing our bodies

Why fixing symptoms never work

The base understanding of energy levels

High Deuterium is associated with depression and anxiety

Why humans should be naturally living to 150 years old

Wim Hof

The power of breath

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Fasting for 72 Days

Understanding sleep

Lucid Dreaming

The relationship between emotion and sleep, health, and wellness

Exploring Covid-19

How covid-19 was the perfect scenario for making people sick

How Covid-19 effects minorities more

Upgraded systems

Moving forward as a global society

The Story of King Salomon

Jeff Bazos

What a futurist is

The 3 pandemics

Exploring Africa

China is buying Africa

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