One of the greatest gifts you can give another person is the complete and total permission to be who they ARE.
There is often talk around the spiritual water cooler about non-judgment and compassion. But how does one put those principles to practice? The world we live in is divided, dissected and ranked. Comparison and judgment are engrained in our culture. The ability to allow another to be completely free to BE who they are is not through words but with the compassion in which you give to yourself.

Many in this world operate from a fear-based consciousness, they have adapted to their dangerous environment in which persecution for being different, not fitting the ideals of another and general survival is a daily battle. We adapt our way of being to fit in and wear masks as we adapt like chameleons as we move through different environments, while the real unique, one of a kind, beautiful expression of you that should be celebrated is restrained.

Compassion is the ability to see the innocence in everyone, to honor their right to be here as they are. To not allow the mental wall of division to go up within yourself. When we learn to live authentically, this will lead to transparency, then to compassion and ultimately this will become your natural state of being. Without saying a word your presence will give those around you full permission to be themselves.

When we are hard on ourselves we can begin by giving ourselves a little compassion, then we open the doors for appreciation, gratitude, allowing and full acceptance of our own right to be here and fully express in any way we wish. Give yourself the gift to be authentically you. The compassion we seek to offer is easy when we see others desiring to express in a positive way, mastery is when we can fully allow another who we believe to be lost or expressing negatively the same permission. This does not mean allowing harm, it means to allow them to go through their struggles and to be as they are, right now, at that moment even if it’s self-destructive.

Your compassion for yourself, your energy, your presence will remind them of their true nature, your example will give them hope.

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