Timothy Leary was a beautiful soul and had the courage to stand up for what he believed in even if that meant persecution and loss of freedom. He was one of the few courageous souls that refused to bend from threat of authority and fought for what he knew was right. Susan Sarandon held a ceremony and burned his ashes at Burning Man 2015 in a place Tim would have loved. A place of community, love, togetherness and acceptance. All of these are traits and experiences you would have on a deep level if you have ever experimented with LSD of which Tim was the pioneer. I admire Susan’s courage to go to burning man, hold ceremony and do what she knew to be right. I am hopeful that people of influence, celebrities, actors, and anyone in a position of power can start to tune in to a higher message. To something more visceral, to stand with courage as Tim did to speak the truth. We are one humanity, we must treat each other with love and respect, we must tear down walls, we cannot continue to feed a machine of fear, greed, shallow mindedness, and superficiality. I hope we all can tune into a higher message, to be a true force in this universe, to be a strong example for youth to look up to. An example of love, kindness, compassion and inspire them to be great! In doing so being a catalyst and a beacon for the world to grow in peace and harmony!

  • Psychedelics can be extremely dangerous and should be treated with the upmost respect. If you are even considering experimenting with any drug you should do your research. Some guidelines might be Over the age of 25, done in ceremony, done in nature, done with a guide or some type of energy worker. Above all be safe, listen to your instincts and treat your body with respect!

“Learning how to operate a soul figures to take time”

  • Timothy Leary

This temple at #burningman was mind blowing inside and out. @susansarandon did a ceremony there for the late Timothy Leary and burned his Ashes. Timothy was the pioneer and god father of the LSD movement. He believed so passionately about how this new experience could open people's eyes, break their prisons of mental conditioning, experience more love and freedom and he risked his life and liberty to pursue and promote what he knew was right! Today we have a massive war on drugs and it's not what you think. It's a war between natural medicine and big pharmaceutical companies. The government suppresses psychedelics bc they expand your mind, help you truly realize that we are all one, gently and sometime violently help you see the world in a new way so that you can live your true path not just the one that's been laid out for you. There is a great deal of research that shows the incredible benefits of using psychedelics such as the #psychedelic explorers guide by @jamesfadiman. I hope as a society we can tear the illusionary walls between us down without psychedelics or with :). The illusion of race, country, status, belief. Stop looking at your brothers and sisters with fear and contempt and ignorance. We are all on this journey. Show love, especially in the most difficult of times. The shift of this planet lies within you. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine! Timothy Leary had faith in all of us, he believed in kindness and caring, and love. Let's make him proud! RIP #timothyleary #love and #gratitude for marching courageously into the darkness to share the light! #burner #kindness #shift #community @susansarandon (as an add on due to comments there is a very serious dark side to any psychedelics if not done responsibly. I am not for or against psychedelics and if you choose to experiment do it responsibly, do your research, have a guide. You might not be ready for what your going to see) also try yogic breathing for a natural psychedelic experience. Be safe. Think about what you're doing!!!!

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