Rizwan Virk is a graduate of MIT and Stanford. He is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, bestselling author, video game industry pioneer, and independent film producer.

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Today’s guest is a graduate of MIT and Stanford. He is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, bestselling author, video game industry pioneer, and independent film producer.

He is the founder of Play Labs @ MIT.  A startup accelerator for playful technologies held on campus at the MIT Game Lab.

His previously published books include: Zen Entrepreneurship, Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to Find True Success, and The Simulation Hypothesis: An MIT Computer Scientists Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In a Video Game.

He is the author of the new book Start Up Myths and Models: What you won’t learn in business school

Bridging science, consciousness, and mystics

Two versions of Simulation Theory

The role of Karma

The book of life and the book of Deeds

Following the clues of our own storylines

The probability wave collapsing in quantum physics

Schrodingers cat experiment

The Flow scenario in video games

The danger of instant gratification

Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey

The definition and importance of synchronicity

It’s an outer event combined with an inner event

The colourful characters of life

The work of Phillip K Dick

Why the clues won’t give us the timing

Failure is a necessary part of the process of success

The story of Guitar Hero

Inner clues and outer clues

Why you need to listen to your intuition in business

The six Yogas of Naropa

Tibetan Dream Yoga

Shared dreaming

Lucidity tests

Spoon bending party


The Akashic Records or the Cloud in silicon valley

Physicists are having trouble finding “matter”

Matter as information

Work of physicist John Wheeler

Digital physics

The world as a hologram

The universe as information

Multiple timelines of past and future

Why you need to balance left and right brain to be a successful entrepreneur

Riz’s entrepreneurship advice

The #1 important thing before starting your business

Success in life and business comes from the intersection of three things 1. What are you passionate about? 2. What are you good at? 3. What does the market need?

The distinction of intention vs surrender

Why there are no realist goals just unrealistic timeframes

Art vs Business

The 10 year rule

The Pilot Analogy

The beauty of one step at a time and honouring the process



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