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Robert Grant is the Chairman of Strathspey Crown and successful businessman. He has recently made some incredible mathematical breakthroughs and created the groundbreaking course the Etymology of Number available at the Resonance Science Foundation (

On a recent trip to Egypt, he made a new discovery that may bring us closer to knowing who build the pyramids. In this show we discuss;

Roberts background
Math as a language
Moving away from reductionist science
Replacing your fear with gratitude
Replacing judgment with acceptance
Fifth-dimensional encryption
Infinite series of oscillating cryptography
Templar Cross
The bottom small corridor in the
Learning to accept the side of yourself your ashamed of
Ark of the covenant
Why you need to be An autodidact
Biblical References: parting the Jordan River
The Vacuum Constant
The speed of light 186,400 #lightspeed
Pythagorean Tuning
The Bible
the Tetragrammaton
Sacred numbers
The possible pyramid Builders
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

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