Professor of Neurology Explains Brain Science, Consciousness, Mental Health & Yogic Principles

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Show Notes:

D.V. Pasupuleti, MD, FACP, FAANEM

Bio: Though I now live in the United States, I had the good fortune to grow up in India. As a result, the positive values included in this website were deeply instilled in me. They’ve made me more mindful, compassionate, and centered. They’ve also contributed to my success as a neurologist, teacher, and professor of medicine at Michigan State University and Central Michigan University.

Humanity, philanthropy and teaching are my lifelong passions. I’ve authored neurological articles in medical journals and magazines. I’ve served as Director of Neurology and Director of Neurology Curriculum for an Internal Medicine Residency Program. And I’ve served as a neurology consultant for three hospitals.

I believe ignorance is the root cause of all the problems in the world. Divisions, differences and duality are due to ignorance only. And I have an unrelenting thirst for knowledge, and a burning desire to help bring spiritual awareness to people irrespective of their age, gender, race, creed, religion or socioeconomic background. I treat all my patients with same dignity and passion.

I hope you feel that way when you spend time on this website. And, in addition to you enjoying learning more about India, I hope this website brings you greater peace, happiness, and harmony.

Dr. P’s history in medicine in spirituality



Brain science

Mindset and thoughts are the most important factor for brain health

Ignorance is the biggest danger in the world

Purity of the mind is your bliss

Pineal Gland myth and the pituitary gland

Neurological of fear

The origins of pranayama practices

Use breathing to overcome fear and anxiety

Understanding change does not happen overnight

Going to the root problem and removing pharmaceuticals

Contemplating the fear of death

Allowing thoughts but be an observer

The billions of neuro cells of the brain

How to optimize your brain health

The importance of moderation

Yogic systems – body, mind, emotions, energy

You are what you eat

Understanding higher consciousness, universal consciousness and will

Why you already have the higher consciousness you just need to invoke it

Why jesus and vedas use anologies

The mind gives everything name and form

The brain has plasticity until you die

The story of a yogi who walks on water

You have to use the mantra selflessness

108 energy centres in the body

The difference between mantras and affirmations

Mental Health has connection with the physical body

The art of self inquiry, who are we, what are we?

Cell phones now labelled as an addiction

Mantras work on a DNA level

Your mind is the software

The goal is purity of the body and clarity of the mind

The diseases of greed and selfishness

The distinction between attachment and entanglement

How to deal with loss and suicide

Why we need to talk to our children and family

Dealing with guilt

Why you cannot learn anything without discipline

Peace, harmony, happiness are inter-related

Higher consciousness is inner peace

Peace is non-conflict mind

Change yourself if you want to change the world

Repetition is key for the brain to grasp it

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