Guy Crittenden is an award-winning journalist. He is the author of Plademic: Covid-19 and the Corporate Coup D’État.

Guy’s Website: Guy Crittenden

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Guy Crittenden is a veteran journalist and communications consultant who enjoyed a 25-year career working on environmental business magazines during which time he won an unprecedented 14 Kenneth R. Wilson Awards for excellence in business journalism.

His freelance feature articles have appeared in mainstream media such as the Globe & Mail, Saturday Night magazine and other national publications. He has twice been a finalist at the National Magazine Awards.

After a life-changing trip to the Peruvian Amazon in late 2013 he left his job to consult and write freelance articles and books, focusing on environmental issues and spiritual themes such as Amazonian plant shamanism.

He also sits on the board of several philanthropic organizations, including the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy to which all his royalties from his book the The Year of Drinking Magic are donated.

He is also the founder of a new group called the Rainbow Warriors that’s organizing people concerned about the rollout of the invasive technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with its facial recognition cameras and dystopian immunization passports.

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