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Today’s guest is the Founder of Bijective Research Methodology, and Director of Bijective Physics Institute.

He has published around 70 articles and 10 books on physics, cosmology, integration of life and consciousness into cosmology.

We are going to talk about black holes, the big bang, consciousness

Amrit Srechko Šorli,


We are going to talk about black holes, the big bang, consciousness

Amrit’s upbringing

Bijective Research

Max Plank


Perceiving the universe through the mind box and time box

Why new ideas are not welcome in modern physics institutions

Why space is not empty and is really the primordial energy of the universe

why we need to build new physics

His favorite physicist is Vasili

The curvature of space equals variable density

Blackhole physics

Why black holes are the rejuvenating systems of the universe

Why science and physics are in crisis

Physics have become a new religion

Quark discoveries

Higgs Boson

How to become brilliant

Why you need to become aware that you are not your mind

I am aware of mind therefore I am

Robert Schoch and the age of the great pyramid

Consciousness is the primordial energy of the universe

Black holes as rejuvenating systems of the universe

One of the main obstacles we face before humans evolve

The meeting in Rome 40 years ago in the Vatican

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