“The greatest change on earth will come from WE not I. If we want someone to be kind to us, we need to be kind to ourselves. You want to be heat and sun for others. We do that through our joy, kindness and happiness to ourselves. We need to light the fire in others.” Native Elder David Lonebear Sanipass

It is easy to feel, believe and perceive we live in a cold, ruthless and unforgiving world. In many ways this is true, I turn off the t.v and seek the truth in myself and the world. I see war, starvation and a hurting planet. I see people depressed, lost, and sad. I look deeper to find reasons and discover sophisticated systems in place creating and perpetuating this problem, in which most are unaware. They don’t know their oppressors, and agendas, encouraging us into separation, delusion and disease, and yet I am hopeful. I am hopeful because with just a glimpse of light and awareness the universe can change. Maybe not the entire universe for all people but your universe. The spark that begins with you has the potential to ignite millions of other lights. It starts with you and each interaction. These actions, seemingly small acts of encouragement and kindness have real power! This change in action begins to shift your universe and creates a ripple that moves further than we could possibly understand and know. The system of suppression that we are in can seem overwhelming at times but it’s built like a house of cards, ready to tumble with the slightest breeze. Kindness is Harmonic, it is powerful, it resonates, natural and resonates with all life, therefore the universe and all its power will stand with you and your actions.

To reconnect with oneself, to lose yourself in nature to ask honestly, and seek GOD within, you will know spirit. We must find a way with all of this pain, illusion, ego and lost people with harmful intentions to be the SUN and LIGHT in the world. When it’s found withIN nothing withOUT can put it out. This doesn’t mean it gets easier, if anything there may be more challenges but you are connected. Self love and kindness can be a lifetime journey. We must find the courage to look up, to walk in the direction of kindness toward self and other so that we, as imperfect, bruised, flawed and miraculous beings can forgive ourselves for all shortcomings and comparison and give that warmth to another. In this way we connect more deeply with ourselves, with our journey, with life and each other.  One by one, from ME to WE, the world transforms. 🙏❤️🌍

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