Native American Elder David Lonebear Sanipass share prophecy and some of his 20,000-year oral history!

NASA and many other organizations are receiving mysterious signals from space that show signs of intelligence. Scientist, Mathematician, and Mi’kmaq Native American David Lonebear share some information about these signals and his high altitude balloon project called project bright star.

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Show Notes:

The Knights Templars secret

The Wow Signal

There are thousands of signals coming to earth

4th-dimensional signals

Class M civilization

Decoding the Wow Signal

Nova Scotia’s connection with the Knights Templar

Why some satellites have gone into deep space

The earth and sun’s magnetic field protecting the earth and planets

The gold record on satellites with information

NASA and SONY collaboration in space

Going beyond the heliosphere

NASA hearing other signals

The WOW signal is coming from the direction of Sagittarius

Astronauts from Apollo reporting whistles from space

Why the signal is intelligent

David’s homemade rockets to find the signal

The Distance of buoyancy in space

Pulse magnetic propulsion on the balloons

Distinguishing between earth and space signals

The ROAR signal

The signal has massive amounts of information

The high intelligence on the other side knows that now and sending high energy signal

copper/Gold disk storage drive

Commander Fravor on Joe Rogans

That powers to be here on earth – let us know what is really going on

What is spiritual intelligence

When we make a stride in spiritual intelligence things change

David talks about the Tic Tac event captured by Commander Fravor

Harnessing the power of the neutron star

Displacing time for travel

Technology follows spirituality

Element 115 the gas



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