Nassim Haramein is an astrophysicist that has produced several groundbreaking theories that challenge the standard model of physics. His paper on quantum gravity and the holographic mass was confirmed with a greater accuracy than any other theoretical framework. in this discussion, Nassim has just returned from doing research in Egypt with the Resonance Science Foundation and we dive deep into the following;

– Nassim’s thoughts on Egypt and the pyramids
– The possibility of ancient and advanced civilizations
– Why string theory doesn’t work
– Why 1 + 1 can lead to infinity
– Quantum fluctuations and entanglement
– Modern physics and science to explain miracles
– The universe as a feedback loop
– Remote viewing
– The universe as a holographic fractal containing all the information of the whole.
– The real possibility of life and other intelligent civilizations
– The all new and ground-breaking Ark Crystal
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