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ART: Martina Hoffman

The work of Dr. Joe Dispenza
The true technology is the human body
Dr. Dawson Church from Mind to Matter
Multidimensional experiences
The Star Knowledge Bundle of the Lakota
Stop fighting the outside and empower yourself within
The 5th Gene 1) Choose to take our energy back 2.)
The fifth Gene: Contains all the codes and magic of life
How to activate kundalini
Step 1 ) limit distractions 2. ) learning techniques to find stillness within 3. Breathe and Intrinsic – Draw the energy up from the earth (Bikram Yoga)
Activating kundalini
The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak
The last steps of alchemy are done in heart and not in mind
Evolving beyond the great two laws, gravity and time
Shane Shemon – Templar cross
Unity Mind Blowing Story
Project Jason
Understanding dowsing and gridlines

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