Mihaela Berciu is an experienced coach who has helped countless top-level executives and business owners succeed in leadership roles. Growing up in Romania under strict communist rule, Mihaela became curious about life and discovered that there is more to it than what we know. She has since dedicated her life to helping others discover how they can engage with life and work in a way that they love.

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered:

– Limiting Beliefs and Overcoming Them

– Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

– Expressing Oneself and Dealing with Different Opinions

– Personal Background and Finding Purpose

– Leadership and Imposter Syndrome

– Childhood Experiences and Limiting Beliefs

– Core Values and Decision Making

– Receiving Feedback and Personal Growth


– Limiting beliefs can prevent people from pursuing their goals and desires.

– Identifying these beliefs can be done through paying attention to internal dialogue and writing down thoughts without filtering.

– Asking “why” repeatedly can help uncover deeper root causes of limiting beliefs, often tied to shame or guilt.

– Overcoming limiting beliefs requires reframing and addressing their origins, with calm and reassuring communication.

– People who use meaner words likely have less impact on you and may not be as far along in their personal growth journey.

– If someone doesn’t like something you’ve done, it’s likely about their own issues, triggers, or anger.

– How someone expresses themselves can demonstrate their level of self-discovery and personal growth.

– Many people have fears and doubts about doing something meaningful, but it’s important to stay true to oneself and focus on personal growth.

– Difference in opinion does not equal conflict.

– People’s insecurities, beliefs, and low self-worth can cause them to feel offended or insulted even when not intended.

– Playing the victim and blaming others for causing offense will hinder personal growth.

– Speaker’s personal background in Romania and experience traveling fueled their desire to learn and grow.

– Leadership can be taught and developed.

– Impostor Syndrome is common among male clients and can lead to self-doubt.

– It’s important to uncover and address limiting beliefs and be vulnerable as a leader.

– Disengaged teams can be a reflection of a disengaged leader.

– Childhood experiences create a framework that carries into adulthood and affects how individuals perceive and interact with the world.

– Core values are like hidden treasure that we need to uncover to guide us.

– The way to work with core values is to identify three core values and three different attributes for each of those three core values.

– Misalignment with core values can lead to conflict and lack of trust.

– It’s important to go through the initial discomfort of receiving feedback because it helps you grow and become more sensitive to what’s important to you.



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