Michael Lees uncivilized documentary discussing his journey in getting caught in Hurricane Maria!

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Show Notes:

In 2017, Michael Lees embarked on his documentary project, UNCIVILIZED, which would lead him into the forests of Dominica, where he would eventually face Hurricane Maria alone in the forest, in a palm leaf and bamboo hut.

Six months in the the forest to connect with nature and spiritual texts
Growing up in two worlds USA and Dominica

What was most challenging?
What was the biggest thing you learned
What Michael Brought as far as tools and supplies
Why nothing is a catastrophe
Where does joy and fulfillment come from?
The power of presence
Getting caught in a category 5 hurricane
The life review experience
The day after the hurricane
Staying a week at an eco-village
Making it back to his family home
Why they were able to survive because the community still had it’s connection with nature
The value of the old ways
How hardships keep traditions going
Can you live outside the system?
Why we are not separate from nature and we are better if we live with it
Questioning progress
Life economy vs Death Economy

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