Here is the link to the recent podcast interview I did with D. Grant Smith and appetizer radio on mental strength, sport psychology and mastering the inner game. Here is what he wrote on his blog and the link below!

The DIY Artist Route & You Series continues, now in its 4th episode, in a special conversation with Matthew Belair. Matthew is a sports psychology expert and founder of Zen Athlete. He’s an expert at winning by having a strong mental game, and showing people how to improve their focus to achieve maximum results.

Matthew Belair works primarily with athletes, which could make you question why he’s a guest on the DIY Artist Route series. Wouldn’t he be better talking with athletes in a business sense?

The answer is no, because the core principles of having a strong inner game, or mental game, are the same for musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, podcasters, radio hosts……and on and on. How we treat what we put into our heads, our thought life, and how we reinforce our beliefs has a tremendous impact on the results we see in our work.

Sports is a great place for us to look at physical, tangible examples of how this all plays through. Andrew Luck went to an Ivy League school, but that doesn’t make him a great football player. What makes him great is how he prepares himself for each game, how focused and disciplined he is in his mental game. Add talent and a great education to a strong mental game and you’re going to have more wins in your column than losses.

What about you? Are you allowing negative thoughts to operate in your mind? There’s one thing to have doubts or worries, but it’s something else to let those doubts and worries dominate your thought life, to where you allow those thoughts to control how you pursue your course, not take the right actions, or not push forward to achieving your goals.

Let’s talk about how to strengthen your mental game for better results with your creative work, be it music, business or anything else. Reach out to me below and we’ll talk.

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