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About the Show: Ian Morris is a multi-instrumentalist, poet, author, and intuitive healer who is a pioneer in truly exploring the power of sound and meditation paired with collective intention under the umbrella of his company ‘Listening To Smile’

In this episode we discuss;

Going through the dark night of the soul
Sound Healing
Ian’s transformation
Combining Sound Healing with Affirmations
Frequency disrupts the past story and broadcast
Understanding BPM
The Heart Math Institute
Understanding Binaural Beats and Pure Tones
How Trauma is stored in our tissues
Hemi Sync from the Munroe institute
Music for kids with dyslexia and autism
Taneal Bentley – Emotional Literally book
We have our breath
“You are the only You and that is your true power”
Meet in the tribe of possibility
Speaking Possibility and Not Limitation
Why you can’t give up!

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May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life!

~ Matthew Belair

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