Many of us myself included will see many problems we face such as massive deforestation and decimation of resources, consumerism, and any other countless problems we as a species are creating through mindless consumption. Realizing the power of food over the last year and cutting down my intake of meat and dairy by about 95% changing my eating habits and being conscious of what I have been putting in my body has literally transformed the way I think and feel, it was a journey that I am still on and I may have a new one.

A 23 year old girl named Lauren from NYC has learned to live a life where she creates zero waste! It’s been 2 years and she claims to have not contributed to a single piece of garbage in that time. As I read the following article I was shocked to realize she actually did it and how much this could transform humanity globally if we all set a new standard for ourselves, zero waste may be a little difficult but if we were conscious we could easily cut our waste down by 50% or more. As you have the courage to be a conscious and aware individual and make the effot others will follow suit and want to learn from you just as I have experienced with food. Be the change you wish to see in the world as Ghandi said and realize your little bit goes much farther than you think!


Here’s the full article below, read it, be conscious make a difference!

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