Kim Fiske an author – speaker – trainer – and is an emotion re-wiring coach. Her passion is helping people identify and eliminate their Monster under the Proverbial bed.

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Show Notes:

Kim Fiske an author – speaker – trainer – and is an emotion re-wiring coach. Her passion is helping people identify and eliminate their Monster under the Proverbial bed.

The monster under the bed
How our identity shaped us with pre-programing
Why your inner dialogue doesn’t have a connection to logic
The function of our amygdala
Why your brain wants to stay familiar
The lie that says we are not ok
Why you can never get enough of what you didn’t need to begin with
Hebb’s Law
Fire through repetition
Emotion’s cause neurology to fire and wire
Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined
The mental bloodhouds (Reticular Activating System)
Why your own suffering is as unique as your finger print
Kids wiring no critical factor
Neurological Maps
Yogananda – Scientific affirmations
Your subconscious mind is not safe”
Why our survival brain will end up killing each other
Why negative emotions are helpful
Complicated equals
Fact clearly command You’re an American clearly you can get behind trumps policy to protect america
Everyone, or everything,
90% then command
Letting go of Judgement for yourself so you don’t judge others
Breaking promises to yourself do 3 things you can be proud of each day
The power of moving to the observer
Blame is a protection mechanism we have to have accountability
The control monster
The word “Re-Low”
The surrender experiment
Run, sneak or rest into the roar!
Give over control to the universe
#1 minimum easy
“I am ok, am safe, I am enough, I am whole”
“I am joyous, I am enthusiastic, I am optimistic”
“I am inspired, I am passionate, I am hard working, I am

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