Eckhart Tolle had his awakening when he was about to take his own life. He was ready to enter the void as he said “I can’t live with myself anymore!” and he popped.

Why are there two? Who is “I” and “myself?” Who can’t I live with anymore?

Your infinite power as the creator lies in your power of your PERSPECTIVE, lies in your choice to RESPOND. We will all inevitably face challenges in our life and our responses to those circumstances will shape our future.

For the most part we have a choice to be a victim or responsible for our creation and life. Although it is possible that some circumstances we will face will be unimaginably horrible such as victims of war, genocide, death or abuse but our RESPONSE to those circumstances is what will create your future. Your response to WHAT IS will give you your TRUE FREEDOM, which can never be taken away.

When we look deeply within ourselves, or embrace the moment in pure totality you go far deeper than the mind and who you think you are to the truth. We are everything, we touch the void, we experience life more deeply and connect with our true selves.

You are loved beyond compare, you were sent here as a co-creator of this universe with infinite power, learn to respond with love and compassion for yourself and all things.




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