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John Chavez is an author and independent researcher who has focused on the biochemical and bioelectrical properties of mystical experiences and supernormal abilities.

He is the author of two books titled “Questions for the Lion Tamer 1” and “Questions for the Lion Tamer 2”. His main interest is spurring modern discussions regarding esoteric subjects and opening up the gateway towards spirituality by utilizing data generated by scientific discovery.

Welcome to the show John Chavez

John’s spiritual awakening
The purge and electrical experience
How visualization and intent have an effect on reality
John’s experiments with his GF on telepathy
Dr. Robert Decker – The Body Electric Book
Denis Mckenna
Graham Hancock
EEG invented to measure telepathy
We are biochemically built to have mystical and supernormal experience
Inducing a DMT experience – darkroom, fasting, breathing, meditation, etc
Getting the gut-brain right
Why DMT isn’t just a mystical experience
A simple protocol for increasing the endohusaca system
Juice Fast
Rhythmic Breathing – morning and night
Wim Hof method
Moving the cerebral spinal fluid up
Buffer vitamin C
The Agna Light
Light therapies
Muse Meditation Headband
Sensory deprivation tank
The origin of most health problems
Why you should put your phone down
The power of sunlight
The telepathic protocol
Realizing the Culture of Brainwash and how to break free


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