William Buhlman has had 1000’s of out of body experiences and has been teaching people how for over two decades at the prestigious Monroe Institute. He has written 4 books on the subjects and has lead 6-day intensive seminars on the same subject. The abilities go far beyond just fun and allow you a tool for exploring consciousness, reality and the truth about life and death. Here are some things we discuss;

Williams website: astralinfo.org
– Williams background of over 40 years of teaching people how to safely go out of body and astral project
– Understanding though responsive environments
– Why astral projection isn’t for everyone
– The main reason why people can’t astral project and why they may have a “bad” experience
– The most important first step of any explorer of questioning all of your beliefs and assumptions and realizing most of what you’ve been taught is untrue
– Why we have to take 100% responsibility for our thoughts and actions
– Why the astral world is unlike anything you could imagine
– Williams incredible statement that “We can explore the entire universe and never move!.”
– Learning to lucid dream as a stepping stone to astral projection
– The power of affirmations and adding the word “NOW’ at the end of them
– Self-hypnosis as a powerful tool
– Accessing your higher self and how to navigate the astral realms
– The Target technique to go out of body
– The Motion technique

ART: Mythos

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