In this episode with Shore Slocum we discover some of the insights Shore has uncovered from spending the last year and a half meditating 8-12 hours a night! As a highly successful trainer, speaker and conscious thought leader who has shared the stage with Deepak Chopra, Larry King, Marry Morrissey and more we dive deep into consciousness, evolution, the awakening of the human species, and so much more! Here are some topics covered.

– What Shore has learned from meditating 8-12 hours a day over the last year and a half
– The quickening of our planet and human consciousness
– 5th dimensional thinking and awareness
– A guide to beginning your awakening
– Free will and your purpose on the planet at this time
– Ego, Illusion, experiencing the creator
– Ascended masters, Yoganada, Jesus, Kabbalah

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