He was a lifelong seeker—seeking recognition, achievement, love, success, and finally, the ultimate carrot: enlightenment.


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Show Notes:


Today’s guest was a lifelong seeker—seeking recognition, achievement, love, success, and finally, the ultimate carrot: enlightenment.


In his pursuit of enlightenment, he was forced to face what all the seeking had been trying to avoid: his own sense of unworthiness.


Defeated at the game of avoiding and humbled by the realization of his true nature, he is now dedicated to alleviating suffering in the world.


He is an active investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur and sits on the board of over a dozen nonprofits. He has a master’s in spiritual psychology and is the author of the book, Mystery of You: Freedom is closer than you think.


Leaving a successful business

Why successful people can still often still feel unworthy

loving yourself as you are

Zen Koan

Carrot and bag of crap analogy

Stopping the game of avoiding

How Emilio overcame jealousy

Moving through feelings

Is here, actually here?

The backwards step

Why suffering is optional

Why enlightenment is in all of it

Moving into experience rather than story

Letting life experience you

Definition of Discipline

Learning to be more efficient with your energy

Fully embracing life and the here and now

Experiencing imprisonment

Liberating fears and traumas, money, imprisonment

What do I have dominion over


What are you trying to avoid? Make a list and feel them

Make a list of things you judge.

The prostitute archetype



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