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Dr. Will Tuttle is the author of the international best selling book “The World Peace Diet”. He is a former Zen Monk with a Ph.D that has done some incredible research into the effects of herding culture and how it has changed our society. In this episode we discuss;

– How Will Walked across the US with his brother asking the question, “Who AM I?”
– How food can create conflict
– His work as a ZEN Monk 90 day meditation from 3 AM to 9 at night and what he learned
– Inheriting cultural narratives – Thomas Hubl was saying the same thing
– Going beyond what we think we are
– How he got his Ph.D. and then traveled the world playing music
– The beautiful story of how he met his wife and how they overcame a language barrier
– Understanding the toxic cultural narratives
– The massive environmental impact of animal agriculture
– The cultural shift of becoming a herding culture
– The primary way a society transmits information and culture and food
– We have more human slavery today than the 1850’s
– Questioning cultural programming
– The five things that happened when the herding revolution happened
– The first word for war – The Origins of War and Slavery through animal herding
– How herding changed our narrative with Women
– Mass scale of The rapping of animals and stealing their beings
– Understanding the industries that profit from this system
– The first step to making a transition toward veganism easy
Predatory consumerism
– Understanding all of the toxic stuff you’re eating meat
– Why natural, organic, farm-raised is actually worse
– Looking beyond materialism, what happens, when
– Herding as a direct erosion of our intelligence
– Grow as much food as you can yourself
– Having a morning Ritual – take time in the morning and have a ritual – very first thought of gratitude and joy and set the tone for the day. Life is a gift. Hour of a meditation per day (will), then physical activity, Journal, Read an inspiriting book, have harmonious relationships with others and see the best in them
“Our consciousness can never go higher than our behavior” Dr. Will Tuttle


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May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life!

~ Matthew Belair

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