Dr Nisha Manek is an internationally recognized leader in Integrative Medicine. She

turned her scientific expertise to the singular question vexing humanity: the nature of consciousness.

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Show Notes:

Todayโ€™s guest is an internationally recognized leader in Integrative Medicine. She

turned her scientific expertise to the singular question vexing humanity: the nature of consciousness.

In her bestseller Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tillers Physics and the promise of Information Medicine, she presents scientific evidence that human consciousness has the power to change our world.

Thinking in terms of energy

Shifting the view of medicine

Activities that give or take energy

Asking whatโ€™s good for us energetically

Going back to nature

The laws of thermodynamics (energy) hold supreme

Connecting the polarities of the body

Subtle energies

Electricity and Magnetic

Gregorian Chanting

Leon Ernest Emman relaxation circuit

What is the source of energy

Consciousness + energy formula unlocks massive amounts of energy

Where your consciousness lives

Learning to find your inspiration

The importance of writing things down

The power of โ€œI amโ€ intending (x)

Nishaโ€™s mystical experience

Consciousness is not limited to the body

Spiritual scientific experiments

The buddhist pathway

The power of OM

A sound spirit masters the body

Making meditation as a core tenant of life

Giving the power back

You are the chosen one


The pyramids

Nishaโ€™s meditation โ€“ I connect my life brain and my right brain with my heart

The conditions for God and Love are always in charge


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