Damon Rich is the author of how to Survive a Pandemic

Damon’s website: https://damonandmiko.com/pandemic/

Show Notes:

Why the Sumerians were a co-operative civilization
The cutthroat nature of elite US universities

Getting hired by Ford at a young age and “being made”

Why they want society to be sick

Taco Bell story

The Salomon proverb “There is nothing new under the sun”

Why the elite will invent a middle class

The world disasters are working in tandem

Who you are determined to be will determine how the plandemic will play out

Why E=MC2 is false

Einstein quote

How information can be a burden

Ecclesiastes and King Salomon

Dame’s 1000 year old book

Lavar Ball

Why water is the answer

Universal Laws

Consciously disengaging from technology

The last season of house of cards with Kevin Spacey

Life Spans in the bible being over 1000 years

“Foot in mouth door in face”


Why homeless people are doing better than the rich

“The worst thing you can do is to be something that you’re not”

Why Thanos may have been the good guy

How lobbying works

Why you must go beyond fear

Why the luciferian power structure is over

How King Nebacanezer changed his ways

Why the elite only have control of the physical and the metaphysical is higher

Setting up Laws at the highest level

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