Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult human experience. In times of crisis we all want our family to be safe and healthy.

We are experiencing an event unprecedented in human history and it will not be the coronavirus that decides the fate and future of humanity, rather it will be our collective response to it.

We locked down our countries to protect our communities because of information predicted by models we now know are false and massively inflated (1.). We know that the mortality rate is an estimated average of 0.2% (2.) (3.).  with the highest risk being 80+ years old and with 99%+ of deaths having pre-existing conditions (4.).

The media told us to “stay at home and save lives” because covid-19 was highly contagious. Now we know that was also incorrect and asymptotic spread is incredibly rare (5.). With almost everything that was suggested from the world health organization being false, manipulated and untrue it make a person wonder if we were being lied to. When you consider the fact that many Dr.s who were speaking out and sharing real world statistics that correlate with the new findings were being aggressively censored and flagged fake news we know we are not getting the entire picture.

Those statistics do not make the loss’s any easier of those who have suffered. We should do our best to mitigate the risk to those who are most vulnerable. At the same time we need to factor in the data from collateral damage caused by the lockdown.

When you begin to investigate the number of deaths of covid-19 and compare them to the amount of

  • Increased deaths by suicide (6.) (7.)
  • Increase in domestic abuse which has reported ten times higher in some places (8.)
  • Increase in sexual abuse
  • Increase in mental health issues
  • Job loss
  • Loss of small business
  • Loss of homes and livelihood
  • Increase in alcoholism and substance abuse
  • Catastrophic Increase in starvation projected as high 130 million (9.)
  • Added 6 trillion in debt (U.S)
  • Placed 60 million on food stamps (U.S)
  • Shut down schools
  • Delayed surgeries and treatments for other serious health issues
  • Placed the planet on house arrest
  • Laid-off or furloughed 50 million workers
  • Increase of censorship and unconstitutional removal of rights

It is easy to see that our view, compassion, and inquiry must extend beyond the deaths of covid-19 alone.

Each year it is estimated that 9.1 million people die of hunger. Even if the number remains the same and gets nowhere close to the new projection of 130,000,000 caused by the lockdown the initial 9.1 million who will die this year of starvation dwarfs the number of covid deaths.

We also know the death toll has been massively inflated (10.) and the testing is unforgivably unreliable. (11.) (12.)

With all of these things in mind, if we can open our aperture a little wider we can become aware of the immense collateral damage being caused by lockdown.

It has even reached the point that there is a staggering number of extra deaths in nursing homes as reported by the British Medical Journal are not being caused by covid-19. (13.)  We are focusing on one fear and taking all precautions necessary to stop it while blindly ignoring the collateral damage. It’s like suffering a sprained wrist because you tripped and the doctor amputates your legs to ensure no further damage. When you look at the actual real world data the global lockdown makes even less sense than that analogy.

People need human contact and family especially in their final years of living. It is often the only thing that keeps them going. There are many heart breaking cases of loved ones unable to be with parents, children, friends and are dying alone because they do not want risk catching a virus that has a mortality rate of 0.2%. The government under the guise of public safety has taken that right from you along with others.

We can also consider that for every 1% unemployment goes up the amount of death, abuse, and disease dramatically increases. The unemployment in the USA is currently 30 million and continues to rise.

Many people will argue that lockdown was necessary and yet Sweden stands as an example of going against the clearly corrupt World Health Organization, Gavi, and the World Health mobsters that have lobbied for shutdowns. They in collusion with governments and appointed members of health with the media have controlled narrative through massive censorship campaigns. We are sitting and waiting for a “new normal” of which they will decide and will only be graced with once we receive “our saviour” the vaccine. All of this based on irrefutable and overwhelming evidence that we do not need these new systems of control being disguised as protection.

Covid-19 Death Toll vs Collateral Damage Humanities Lesson in Compassion by Matt Belair


This narrative completely disregards the data and the fact that SARS and other viruses went came and went without lockdown and without a vaccine. One has to ask, why do we need one so badly now?

The data is clear and if a person begins to question the lockdown you are immediately mocked and ridiculed. What can be more challenging is the cognitive dissonance you will experience if you discover the mainstream media has been lying to you at which point you have to begin questioning everything.

If you want to get to the root of the polarity and how we are being divided we need to be willing to see another side to the story. We need to have compassion to those who may lose their lives to the coronavirus and also extend that compassion to lose who will lose their lives to suicide, experience domestic and sexual abuse, lose their jobs, businesses and the large increase in starvation that will be the direct cause of lockdown.

If a person is able to look at all of those factors objectively you realize there is plenty of compassion and understanding that has to go around and covid doesn’t carry the brunt of the collective trauma humanity is experiencing right now.

The root of the fear we are experiencing as a species has to do with our mortality. With facing the uncomfortable and even terrifying fact that our life is limited and you will die. We may realize that our health and our immune system is a critical piece to our longevity.

We are constantly being bombarded with the idea that this invisible threat is among us. That this germ will take your life when you are not looking. You will spread this germ to others and you are a danger to society. If you get this germ you will get sick and die. Let’s once again keep in mind that the mortality rate is 0.2% and 99%+ of the people who have died had pre-existing conditions. That fact alone should be the only sentence necessary to show the harmful and exaggerated response of world leaders and the astonishing power of propaganda and manipulation (14.)

What if Germ Theory was just a theory? What if there were a competing theory that potentially had more substance and was all but forgotten from history.

While there are many differences between the two theories the important thing to consider is to understand that germ theory places it’s weight and emphasis on the germ being outside of you and ready to attack and terrain theory places it’s emphases on building a strong “terrain” or immune system. When you do that the virus does not stand a chance.

Germ theory was theorized by Louis Pasteur who was a chemist and a contemporary of Antoine Beauchamp who was a scientist who held four PhD’s.

Germ theory in short holds that each disease is caused by a specific germ and science’s job is to find and kill that germ without killing the patient. The truth is that the human body lives in a biosphere with millions of viruses, bacteria and microbes.

Louis Pasteur had no training or credentials in either medicine or physiology he was a chemist. It is likely he created rabies through vaccinations and killed more than he cured. He also initiated the practice of vivisection with horrific animal experiments (15.).

In Nancy Appleton’s book the Curse of Louis Pasteur she posits the reason for Pasteurs success being his close relationship with Emperor Napoleon the 3rd who ran a police state and wanted things under control as much as possible. If Pasteur is able to make people believe that germs cause disease and the government can intervene and force injections the state would be able to increase their control.

Antoine Béchamp was a scientist who held 4 PhD’s and four chairs at the prestigious Lille University in France. He was a prolific writer who published many books and articles. He taught about the body’s inner milieu and the patient’s lifestyle as what determines a person’s health. In short he looked at health and the immune system holistically. His research into mycrozymas is still being carried on to this day.

On his deathbed Louis Pasteur it is claimed that Louis Pasteur relented in saying, “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.”

This fundamental understanding is paramount of our world to consider. The human being should be educated on what it takes to build a strong, vibrant, terrain with a powerful immune system that was given to us by nature. We are powerful beings with remarkable healing abilities. It is when our terrain is compromised through poor lifestyle, diet, stress, and other decisions that create a compromised terrain where disease can thrive. Does that not pass the common sense test?

germ theory vs terrain theory matt belair


The final paramount piece of information to consider in our world-wide pandemic is the Flexner Report (16.). This report was funded by the Rockefellers and Carnegie foundation and was the cause of the hostile medical establishment takeover. This report made it illegal to practice any type of natural or homeopathic medicine. This created the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that treated symptoms with pills and vaccines and labelled anything natural “quackery.”

This does not mean there is no place for modern medicine. It means we need to take a closer look at what defines health and the role the pharmaceutical and vaccine companies play.

In the same way Rockefeller and Carnegie funded the Flexner report the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has made massive contributions to almost every health organization involved with the Coronavirus pandemic including the IHME, Gavi, World Health Organization, Facebook Fact Check and more  (17.)



Whether you think Bill Gates is here to save the world or you are suspicious of his financial incentive, microchips, and new normal propaganda is beside the point. If we look a little deeper we can question the modern medical establishment, it’s key players, and at the very core terrain theory vs germ theory.

The world as we know it is dead. We are never going to go back to what it was before and that can be a great thing. We have the first chance as a civilization to go beyond division, war, and petty differences to see ourselves as a global community.

There will be casualties and losses on all sides. We can see clearly that the data and trends are showing us that the lockdowns are causing great harm around the world and we face catastrophic levels of starvation by a society that considers itself civil and advanced.

We know that we will lose some people to covid. We also know that we will lose millions more to cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, dementia, and starvation.

This does not mean they do not matter and we should not feel compassion. We now have an opportunity to extend our compassion to our family world-wide. We can realize that our actions affect the entire world.

We now have the opportunity to create a new normal. One that is based on co-operation, values, fairness, compassion, tolerance, and consideration for the planet and all its people. We do not need a government to achieve this, rather common men and women committing to work together for the greater good.

We have a chance to respond to this global event and use it as a catalyst toward creating a humanity of peace and prosperity. If you are alive now you are one of the people that can help make it so.




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