Chef Whitney Aranoff: is a Health Supportive Personal Chef who is passionate about wellness, the vibration of food, and supporting others in living their best life.

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Show Notes:

Todays guest is a Health Supportive Personal Chef who is passionate about wellness, the vibration of food, and supporting others in living their best life.

As a personal chef she prepares custom meals and dinner parties for her clients, and shares her seasonal recipes on Starseed Kitchen.

She aims to invite people into their kitchen, feeling empowered to make healthy choices for themselves and their loved ones and to experience high vibration living.

What is high vibrational cooking

How to avoid snacking

The two types of energy on the planet

The origins of canola oil

Different types of oil

Why you need to read all ingredients

Understanding good and bad salt

Food as the structural foundation

Healthy snacks

Why you should make your own salad dressings and sauce

Gut health

Why you need to wash your rice

Whitney’s amazing career transition

Why making a shift in your life takes time

High vibration music

White Sun and David Helprin

Why there is no failing when you know your why

Materialsm vs spiritul persuits

Death meditation

Contemplating your ideal day


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