“All the world’s a stage.”

~ Shakespeare

This is a portrait of my incredible friend Svi AKA “Disco Warrior” in what Aussies sometimes refer to as, “full power.” Svi is a veteran burner and so when his bike was stolen on Wednesday he didn’t resist in any way or give one ounce of energy toward complaining, condemning the culprit, self-pity or any variation of the sort.

He embodied his veteran status and just accepted what had happened and continued to burn in all his majesty. 2 days later a friend gifted him a glorious new bike completely decked out with a pony and everything. The playa provided. Burning man is a microcosm and experimental city in which we can learn timeless lessons in a powerful way.

We all co-create a space where radical expression is encouraged, where we can explore our creativity and express ourselves as loudly and as proudly as we’d like, “All the playa’s a stage.” It is a safe space for you to break out of your shell, express yourself fully, free from judgment and get inspired by others.

Coming into your full self on the playa can take a year or two and it’s beautiful to watch participants open up and flourish. The next step is understanding and realizing that this opportunity exists for you in the “real world” as well. The environment may not as be as welcoming but you always recognize when you are dimming your light, adapting to social norms, holding back due to fear of judgment.

Every person has the right to BE who they are fully and completely without judgment. Since we can’t help the fact ppl judge, it’s up to YOU and you alone to empower yourself with the right to fully express. To go “full power” each and everyday unapologetically.

Make the commitment to BE yourself and to live an authentic life. This is honoring yourself to the highest degree and you are the only one who can accept or deny this commitment. All life is sacred, you are sacred, honor yourself completely and have the courage to BE who you ARE. Whoever that person is, it’s glorious, magnificent and enough! Go FULL POWER, my friend! 🚀🚀🚀🔥
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